Data protection and privacy notice

  • Data protection and privacy notice

    • Note that your profile information (name, email and username) and any information you enter into this website (your quiz responses/scores or forum posts for example) will be captured and held within the University’s learning systems. This is to support you in finding the right course to study and to provide more tailored support should you subsequently register to study a module with the University. To enable us to provide this support, we will retain student data for up to 42 months and guest user data for 24 months. This is because users may take 12-24 months to register on a module/qualification and students are entitled to take lengthy breaks during their studies. 

      Should you have any queries regarding user data, please contact our  Data Protection Officer, or more information can be found within the 'Open Access Learning Systems websites privacy notice'. (alternatively those with a student or staff account can access the 'Your data' document within the University’s Computing Guide).