Are you ready for MU123?

  • Are you ready for MU123?

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      MU123 Quiz


      Welcome to the online quiz which is designed for anyone thinking about embarking on Discovering Mathematics (MU123). The quiz will help you to assess your current mathematical skills.

      You will need pen and paper for most of the questions and a calculator for some of them.

      The quiz contains three levels of questions, in order to help you to decide how much revision and preparation you will need to do before starting your studies.
      You can start at Level 1 and work your way through each of the three levels, or you can start at Level 2 or Level 3.
      When you try the questions at each level it does not matter if you cannot do them all. If you can do most questions, or could do them with a reminder, then you should move on to the next level.
      If you can do most of the Level 3 questions then you are probably ready to embark on MU123 as your first module, without much further preparation.

      Level 1 has 10 questions, Level 2 has 14 and Level 3 has 18.

      How to use this online MU123 quiz

      Each question should only take you a few minutes to complete.
      If any question takes longer make a note to revise the relevant topic again.

      Once you have started the quiz, the question numbers will appear on the left of your screen. You can return to a question at any time and you can redo the whole quiz as many times as you like. If you do this you may find that some of the questions are slightly different, to give you extra practice.

      Your progress through the test will be stored in your browser, so you can leave the test and return at another time if you are unable to complete it at one go.
      At any time you can click on the 'end test' button at the top right to finish.

      When you have completed the quiz, and clicked on finish, you will get a summary of your results and some study advice, including how best to prepare for MU123.

      The quiz will run on Internet Explorer version 6 and higher and Firefox version 1.4 and higher. While other browsers will display many of the quiz questions they may not support some of the interactions.

      Please select the level you wish to attempt:

      Enjoy the quiz!