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  • B294 self-assessment quiz

    Welcome to this self-assessment quiz for B294. The set of questions presented in this self-assessment quiz aims to help you check your understanding of numerical skills such as arithmetic operations, rounding, fractions, decimals and percentages, ratios, proportions, powers, roots, simple equations and bar charts. These are indicative quantitative tools used in learning materials of the module. It is essential that you assess your ability to apply these methods before you start B294.

    This self-assessment quiz does not aim to grade you as such, but there are marks allocated to each question. Your final score will give you a rough idea of whether you would benefit from any further preparation before tackling the numerical parts of your studies during the module.

    You should attempt all questions. You can use a scientific calculator. Indicative marks are given at end of the quiz where feedback and sources of further study will be provided.

    Good luck!

    Your progress through the test will be stored in your browser, so you can leave the test and return on another day if you don't have time to complete it now.