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Why does the phrase 'Boolean Logic' give me the collywobbles?

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Sunday, 29 Sept 2013, 14:04
I've managed for three years without Bolean Logic as an approach to searching for content in a database, but that is about to change - hopefully with some help from you guys because the very phrase has put me off all this time. It would be like calling a hearty breakfast cereal 'Bowelean Nuggets' - the title alone puts me off no matter how good it might be for me.
Boolean  Logic is: using 'and' or 'not' to create research strings.
... adding each new AND to reduce the search.
'OR' adds synonyms of the words so widens the search.
'NOT" – narrows a long list.
Truncation – asterix acts like a blank slide in Scrabble. e.g. soldier*
Phrase searching: put it in parentheses to make it more precise. 'world' 'war' 'one' not 'world war one'.
If you're a convert do share.
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