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I've been offline for a few weeks, taking a break from the world et al, and trying to get organised with art and writing. I started editing some of the older posts on the blog as I didn't quite get the tagging right in the early days. I've been trying to find a piece on Afghanistan I wrote some time ago, to no avail, so I'm going over the whole blog, editing and updating, I spent about 3 hours today on one page alone and still plenty more to get through. I'm also trying to organise a writing project but my writing is all over the house and I'm trying to get it all gathered in one place and put it into some sort of order. I really need to get this stuff organised as I can never find anything when I need it.

I have a painting to do too for someone who contacted me on Facebook so I got it started yesterday. It's in oil so it will take a few weeks with the drying time needed for the layers. I've also been reading a lot and will update with a book list soon as well.

Not much else to report, every day is like Groundhog day but I'm off to England next week and really looking forward to the break away. The zombie apocalypse is still in full swing here and it's getting to the point where I literally couldn't be bothered to leave the house, maybe if the weather was better, I might be more enthused but at the minute, there isn't much to tempt you to go anywhere.

On the plus side, I have seen a few more without masks out and about but, honestly, I'm sick of the whole thing now. I want my life back, I can't do work and home and nothing else, it's inhumane. 

I no longer engage in conversation about CV or VC's and politely tell anyone who starts talking about it that if that is the only topic of conversation they have, then try someone else. I am not engaging with any of this nonsense anymore, I'm done with it. 

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