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D Day 20.01.2021

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Tomorrow is inauguration day in the US, and there are only two possible scenarios that could happen and whichever one plays out will decide the future of humanity. If Joe Biden is inaugurated as president, then life as we know it, or rather knew it, will be over and the New World Order Technocracy will be ushered in, and all you mask wearers can congratulate yourself in helping to enslave humanity.

However, I have information in front of me that says that something else may happen. I am reluctant to share it at this time so the only advice I will give is that if, your social media and internet go down tomorrow, do not panic, it is not the end of the world. As a matter of fact this will be good news for all of us who have stood up to the tyranny and this nonsense will all be over soon.

So, keep your weapons close and your powder dry, as the saying goes, and let the games begin!

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