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Edited by Xenia Jones, Thursday, 19 May 2011, 05:46

Hi World,

Its been awhile since I last posted here. So much has changed in the world and yet so much remains the same. Bin Laden is no more, the Android operating system has made some headways with the smart mobile phones and I have become reliant on one samsung GT5515 for my own life much as my Husband has become too attached to his Samsung Galaxy Tab...In terms of knowledge and meaning I have come to understand the multi-voicedness of it all, especially in relation to understanding how meaning and knowledge is established and created in me and in society ala Bakhtin and Volosinov.I have come to have an understanding of Identity and then Discourse, finished up two 30 point Postgrad Soc Sci courses in the last 12 months and, since I have forgotten to enroll this June I am up for my very last 30 pointer this November - Forensic Psychology. I have, in university, thought Psychology too vague but it has come to be of interest to me now especially after my studies of Lacan and Foucault. It is very interesting to know what shapes knowledge, opinions, culture, traditions and positions because it leads to an understanding of what makes us all unique but at the same time similar. I am 31 now and its been almost 6 years since I  started my first OU studies and all I can think of is getting to that PhD. OU has changed my life getting me to professions and academic interests I never thought I could achieve. Same goes for my husband who just finished his Business course. OU for life! The collage below is me lately celebrating the arrival of spring in Germany by the gardens next to our home. This is how my OU study makes me feel - being intellectually in Bloom. smile



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