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QAA Conference on Developing Digital Literacy

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Thursday 12th November

There were some useful thoughts and discussion on TEL (tech enhanced learning or tech enabled learning?).  Various frameworks were presented, from Brighton University, Oxford Brookes and Trinity Laban Conservatoire.  There were discussion on whether you start with staff or students ( Brighton Uni).   Brighton's framework is quite involved, includes the ability to reflect on digital skills and links them to training and information on technologies. it's got me thinking about developing our CPD into something more coordinated/integrated and trying out ways to get teachers involved.  A framework might be something to start to work towards and to combine it with the blended learning strategy.  Teachers and learners need to be convinced of the benefits of developing digital literacy for it to work.  Brighton has had difficulty getting their lecturers engaged beyond the early adopters.  Trinity Laban highlighted the fact that some disciplines cannot see the value of EdTech in traditional subjects, notably practical subjects  The notion of an assessment tool I've seen before- particularly at institution level. Would it work for us? Would it get any additional engagement?  It might be something to think about at induction and to make sure that new teachers are encouraged to develop their own digital literacy.  This might be a better audience to focus on. 

George Roberts (Oxford Brookes) argued that we shouldn't think of developing teacher and student DL as two separate aims- but that they are both part of the same learning community. The idea of a culture shift was not really discussed and yet I think we need to think of it as such and try to think of ways to change the culture of teaching and learning.  There are pockets of good practice and so perhaps focus here and use sharing events to push it out further.  Teachers may listen to other teachers about the benefits of TEL. 

Southampton focused on students and developed a digital champions programme.   Students work with each other and with lecturers to develop DL skills. This is something we haven't considered at college.  Though a good idea, we couldn't pay students and they would have to fit it around their course commitments.
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