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A must, must listen .... Samuel Pepys

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This BBC Radio 4 drama serial has now run for three years. We are coming to the end I fear as Samuel Pepys gives up his diary. Hasving caught many, if not most of the episodes over the last few years I found this one the must stunning, memorable and relevant. It simply confirms what I have always felt about people, whether we shift in time or place: we are fundamentally the same and will pass through a series of mishaps and moments that become our lives. So tender this one, with Kris Marshal and Katherine Jakeways beautifully bringing to life a laugh out loud, cry to the core script from Hattie Naylor. I can't wait for the TV series and the movie. DON'T ever bother with the diaries themselves - in translation from his code they are what most diaries tend to be - routine and dull with occasional moments of naughtiness and disaster that are lost in the bulk of the text. Hattie Nayloy has revisioned it as a poignant and funny 17th century soap.

15 Minute DramaThe Diary of Samuel Pepys, Episode 5

Sam and Elizabeth are enjoying the sights of Paris, when Elizabeth is suddenly taken ill.

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The diary of Samuel Pepys - radio drama

Visible to anyone in the world
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A fabulous, not to be missed - BBC Radio Drama

The Diaries of Samuel Pepys

Listen this morning and only for a week - the wonderfully evocative, visual radio drama - so good you can smell The Plague in the air.

Laugh out loud.



Soon to be a movie?

But nothing will beet the radio version (ditto 'The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

10.45am BBC Radio 4

Then on iPlayer for a week

Kris Marshall


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