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An 'ancient' hornbeam on Markstakes Common - it has a girth of 400cm and all the hallmarks of its 'ancient' status.

(The above is a so-called 'ancient' hornbeam - ancient because of its features rather than the girth specifically: hollowing runk and branches, fallen dead wood, dead branches, holes and water in pockets, lichens and mosses)

I'm an elected Green Town Councillor and will be standing for the District. As well as being, thinking and studying all things green I'll be going out 'door knocking' ahead of elections next May ... and I'm also doing social media for the Association of Green Councillors. It would appear that more desire to spend a good deal of time online is becoming an occupation rather than a hobby. 

Me in front of a drawing exercise - a life drawing first executed drawing 'blind' with the non-dominant hand (my left)

(Me in front of a drawing exercise some years ago - a life drawing first executed drawing 'blind' with the non-dominant hand (my left))

I teach social media, I do social media. I balance it out with life drawing and painting, teaching and coaching swimming, and long walks with the dog (looking a trees!) 

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