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Cats Owners Brainier, Scientists Say

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Well they didn't say that exactly, but in a study it was found that homes in which someone had a degree were more likely to have a cat.

Has this any connection with the suggestion some time back that Apple = cat lovers vs. Microsoft = dog lovers?

Here are some lynx



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Richard Walker

Spectrum and Sky

Visible to anyone in the world

We all know the rainbow, which is the result of sunlight (or any other light) bouncing around inside a raindrop.  The different colours return at different angles and so we see the coloured bands, like light shining through a prism.

Sunlight may also bounce round inside tiny prisms of ice.  These of course are six-sided, like snowflakes.  This can produce many different sky effects and where I live -- Cambridge UK -- the one called 'sun dogs' is quite common, in fact much more frequent than rainbows.

Most people have never seen them though, because they don't know where or when to look.

Once you have seen a thing you will probably see it again many times, even if you never previously knew it existed.  Learning makes us more aware.

Visit this site and you can find out more.  The evening sun dogs are the ones I have often seen.

Sadly there are no sun cats.


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