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30th June 2020 – Coffee Time 5

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Edited by James Davenport, Thursday, 30 Jul 2020, 04:00
The results came back great and it has inspired me to do the second year! All the paperwork is done and I’m just waiting for it all to be processed. It should be interesting, will have to see. There are definitely a few things I want to bring in for the second year such as much better time management, planning and making sure assignments are done as quickly and efficiently as possible, I definitely don’t want to be sitting on unfinished assignments. My approach to the materials will be different this time round, I will look at the assignments first and then as I’m studying, note down everything relevant and work backwards. Many, many hours (days) were wasted from doing the materials first then having to go back through it over and over again to find the bits of information to write a single line of information in the assignments, it can be annoying. Note taking would solve this problem but even manually writing out notes can be a massive waste of time. Another thing I will bring in is, instead of note taking the old fashioned way I’m going to run a keyword search on the PDF files that will pull the information out and automatically note it down for me in word, either to keep on the screens or printed out. This will save hours of time. The course descriptions have information in that can help you before you begin the course such as mentioning various aspects of what’s in the course, I will research as much of this as possible before the second year begins. I will also layout the structure and questions of the assignments, like a template before the first assignments for each module are completed, this will also save quite a bit of time further down the line.

Unless I’m mistaken, I noticed that one of the questions on the exam paper had not been covered in the course… what?

Anyways, all the injuries from the window incident have healed, some days it’s all a bit stiff but all good. Managed to sort out the gym here so been going there three times a week and it’s definitely keeping me motivated. The virus situation has got much better but it has come back, ready for that predicted second wave thing. Looks like half of the world has shut down so this should be a good study for Economics later on, hopefully for the third year! Flights back to the UK are becoming an increasing issue and this worries me greatly for next year and the exams, I will carry on with the course but this bridge will need to be crossed at some point, the question is, will the bridge be there… We’ll see.

Alrighty, time to wrap this entry up with something positive. I’m looking right good and proper forward (amazing English) to the second year of Economics! It’s going to be insightful, educational and dam right fascinating. There are some more statistics involved so this should prove to be challenging along the way. Maybe studying is an excuse for me to crank up the music every day in front of the screens and drink coffee. Let’s do it! There is tons more to say but not enough time to write everything out.

Until the second year!
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