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Waiting in great anticipation!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Saturday, 3 Sep 2022, 12:46

I am very much looking forward to starting my final year, third level french L332.  I have been talking to my friend who wants to learn french too. I am  trying to help her to speak french, so we have been reading very basic french, which was also a good reminder for me in case I had forgotten any french words!

I have another book lined up for her, which is much more challenging and has some more practical exercises in there for her to do.
She is making good progress and has written her first essay in french.

I have been reading some books in french, including some fables, detective stories, romantic novels and a collection of novellas. I try to understand what I am reading and use my french dictionary. I can understand french better than I can speak it!

I am waiting with great excitement now, for Wednesday 7th September, when it will be the induction day! then a portion of the module will be revealed as well as more information, including a forum and an introduction video all about the module and what will be expected. Can't wait!!

Good luck to all and happy studying everybody !

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Bonne chance Gill avec toutes vos études en françaises.


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Bonjour Joseph, 

merci beaucoup pour vos mots encourageants.