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The current human era of instantly accessible information has provided us with a rich and varied cornucopia of things to see and hear; to read and immerse, to visualise and explore deeper into topics of interest.

We can use our minds to tell our bodies that if we click this button or that we can, almost instantaneously, buy or sell, watch or listen, teach or learn and comfortably know that we have a selection of things to do online in order to satisfy our time. Although we can fully comprehend this right here and right now, this new sense of deep immersion often makes us forget that such a revolution would have been completely unimaginable only a few decades ago; to someone having the 'task' to find a 'real' library and read a 'real' book. 

We may feel we don't need books anymore. However, a bookcase with books can still simply display the look of an 'intellectual' individual and not necessarily be used for a scholarly purpose within society nowadays. Google may be attempting a grand switch-a-roo right before our very eyes. What began as a catalogue of links to the worldwide web is now fast developing into a useful, almost necessary tool, for all areas of life and society - especially visual and resource.  

Likewise, Amazon, and their brainchild, The Kindle, have attempted to transition the visual format of books into a digital dimension. Amazon's Audible service also aims to make that process even easier by verbally reciting books, no eyes necessary. 

Due to this - and amid an abundance of other digital powerhouses - we simply now have the means to give more of our invested time into finding out about all sorts of things - but is this too much, too soon?

We still have a choice with how to fill our time - and that doesn't mean we are powerless to reach for a book on the shelf, dust it off, and begin reading - but with the current positioning of technology within the world, and comfort to hold, plug in or simply sit back and watch; this may provide a far more alluring experience for the modern Homo Sapien. 

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