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We are lucky enough, within the UK, to have green spaces in which to find the time to discover, explore, relax, socialise and geologically analyse. 

A patch of land - available for public right of way and universal access for all - can never be found too far away, and can be searched for via internet Apps, Land Ordnance Surveys and Tourist Information booths, amongst others. Fantastic organisations such as The Woodland Trust and The National Forest aim for the continuation, and preservation, of access to such areas of natural beauty and this is an appreciative comfort to know. 

For the people who have personal spaces of land - gardens, or a patch of green; this is a gift. Every now and again one can indulge in the private pleasure of looking out across a piece of natural England and know that it provides a type of sanctuary from the stresses of life. Natural land truly brings us back to earth and simplicity. 

It is interesting to observe the types of gardens, and of fields and woodlands for that matter, and see how both man and nature have moulded and shaped the design over the years. The variety of shapes and sizes and of depths and colours can be awe-inspiring and even 'vertical planting' allows a garden to grow upwards!  

The twists and turns of the branches of an old oak tree when we look upwards can impose feelings of wonder and fascination and even the sight of fields ripe with corn, wheat or wildflower can evoke moods of perpetual serenity and mesmerising imagery. 

So, remember, when you next take a wild walk - or contemplate in your personal garden space - to know that all around you, you shall always have access, somewhere, to a place that will provide for you such harmonious feelings as, and when, you need them. 

Image source: Gray Wooden Bench Surrounded by Green Grass Trees · Free Stock Photo (pexels.com)

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