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Edited by Claire Williams, Sunday, 9 Oct 2022, 16:42

I love this time of year and I especially love the thought of beginning a fantastic journey into discovering more about our environment and the changing seasons - the cycle and processes with the Open University during this October. 

The cold - I love the cold, I am strange! but I love wearing a pre-worn baggy jumper and opening the window wide to the sensation of the Autumn chill. To pull on the fingerless gloves, the hat, the fleece leggings and a warm coat and embrace the coolness and damp of the evening air, and oh! that feeling of a warm cup of hot chocolate between my hands and sipping intermittently to warm the stomach!

 My nose runs, my face is numb, but I don't care! it is glorious, glorious October! 

The colours! we all know of the autumnal complexion that nature provides at this time of year! an abundance of oranges and auburns, yellow hues and brown tones. Hibernation, celebration, renewal.   

Celebration, in human time, is, of course, Halloween, that very alluring event at the end of this month - we get to leave our formalities behind for one night and partake in an evening of fun and laughter! A community of trick-or-treaters, of ghoulish attire and sweets and cakes and all things scary and tasty! 

Have a grand October, one and all! smile 

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