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All Things Must Pass

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Edited by Claire Williams, Tuesday, 8 Nov 2022, 10:13

I have now settled into my new home in wonderful Wales and have (finally) set up the computer for getting back online and into university studies. The view is lovely; rolling hills and fields as far as the eye can see - much happier in a place like this rather than the hustle and bustle of town/city life. Thinking about it, I have never lived in the centre of a town or city so cannot even begin to imagine the level of noise or light pollution on a daily basis - but I can bet you anything that it is much higher than this. 

I went into Shrewsbury town centre a couple of nights ago and sat with a friend in the bar listening to some live classic rock music by an aging band and sipping back a Rekorderlig. I looked out of the window at one point to see the rain beating down and noticed the lights lit up in a flat above the shop opposite (this was late in the evening and the music was blaring down the street from this pub). A woman, around my age, was walking back and forth between frames through modern bare rooms and I thought 'how well will she sleep tonight with all this going on?' 😅   

I asked the bartender; live music was playing every Tuesday and Thursday until late. Outside, the noise of car engines echoed against the rain, and wheels splattered through puddles as the occupants drove up and down the winding streets. The glare of the streetlights, one littered outside almost every window lit up the area; I hoped she had good curtains up. I thought for a moment about my choice to move to rural Wales - not far from Shrewsbury - but far enough to be pitch black at night, quiet except for maybe the odd squeak of a mouse high in the rafters, and certainly no obnoxiously loud music! -  surely preferable to this? 

I like the thought of knowing I can simply drive into densely populated urban areas to socialise for a while - but then simply drive back out again and into rurally fresh air and natural odour, sound and light. I always take a long, deep breath to prepare for meditation in silence; something of which would be more of a task rather than a pleasure if I was that woman having to tolerate such disturbances well into the night. Saying this, people can adapt - it is remarkable how people can mould and modify to new challenges and circumstances - so who knows?

I have also acquired a wall hanging for the new place - it reads 'All Things Must Pass' - to serve as a daily reminder - not only of how fabulous George Harrison was (😉) - but of changes, of constant evolvement and adaptation. To read and repeat and understand that life goes on - whoever we are, whatever we do and however we are living. 

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Image Source: George Harrison – All Things Must Pass (2001, EMI Mfg., CD) - Discogs

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