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Organic Elements

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When humans are faced with a blank canvas, a paintbrush and paint, or a camera complete with film, what is the first thing most of us would choose to depict or photograph?
This would most likely be organic elements; Trees, bodies, animals etc...
We are human. We are drawn to the living, organic world around us, it makes us happy. 
Most of the time, we would not automatically think to draw inorganic elements outside of the study of still life. 
We are living and connect best with other living organisms. Inanimate objects are unrelatable to us. 

The bestselling art is bestselling because we relate to it; the subject matter is often 'alive' and organic, like us.  

File:Vincent van Gogh - Undergrowth with Two Figures (F773).jpg
Image source: File:Vincent van Gogh - Undergrowth with Two Figures (F773).jpg - Wikimedia Commons
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