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Edited by Aideen Devine, Friday, 13 Nov 2015, 13:30

I went to the US last year and this poem was inspired by a visit to Manhattan.  It was interesting to go to the States and see the reality of what America is like compared to what we see on television.  I was quite surprised at how much visible poverty there was and the US looked like a country in decline.  Also, the scale of the place has to be experienced to be really understood.  I would like to go back and see more of it as I only covered the area from Washington DC up to Toronto in Canada, and even what I did get to see was only a very small part.  When I came back Donald Trump was all over the news because of the row that was going on about the golf course he wanted to build up in Scotland, and when I read it aloud I always end up sliding into a Scottish accent.

Donald Trump’s Hair


Donald Trump, your hair looks ridiculous

Yet, you are a very wealthy man,

Who made a fortune over in the land of the free, and

You built a big tower in Manhattan ,

But still your hair looks ridiculous.


Donald Trump of the ridiculous hair,

I saw your big tower when I was over there,

In Manhattan.  It’s up at the top of 5th Avenue,

But this is the thing I don’t understand about you,

Why does your hair look so ridiculous?


So ridiculous, Donald Trump and your hair.

I didn’t meet you when I was over there,

In Manhattan. But I did meet a man in Central Park

Who lost his home, his job but not his heart, (at least not to me)

His hair looked ok and he at least had some excuse,

So why does your hair look so ridiculous?


Ridiculous Donald Trump and the hair.

I checked you on-line, and being completely facetious,

I also discovered you come in a fragrance.

Now Eau de Donald may freshen your air

But it won’t improve the state of the hair

Of the ridiculous Donald Trump


Ridiculous Donald Trump, in your tower high above us

How can you be self-made and yet, that vacuous?

Because it’s not just the hair that looks ridiculous.

Is all that rich living giving you gout? 

I cannot tell a lie and feel compelled to point out,

That even more ridiculous pout.

What’s that all about, Donald Trump?





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hilhairious!  made me think of the old adage "you never see a bald tramp, do you?" (which, for some reason, I find is funnier if one imagines Marty Feldman saying it) & I thought "no you don't, do you...but a 'bald Trump' might indeed be better!"