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Kindle 7: Where's Kindle?

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Friday, 18 Feb 2011, 07:37

I shot out for a walk as the sun came up this morning.

Like an idiot Kindle came along.

I didn't read her, but when I saw this image on the screen a picture opportunity arose.


Where's Kindle?

This should help.



And why is the an appropriate place to be taking pictures of Virginia Woolf?

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Do you think you can come along to the 7th March meeting (if it goes ahead)? I have an interview on that day.

I suggested to Jennifer we could do a Moshi Moshi Monday if other people are interested.
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I work Monday evenings ... sorry. Tuesdays, Fridays ... possibly Thursdays. Did I tell you I have my son make your cake ... then he made it with a friend. Success. A man that cooks!