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James McGreen

Overworking it?

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Submitted my second TMA. I've not had the marks back yet, but when I hit the submit button I was still massively unhappy with it. I spent ages on it, making notes, drafting, re-drafting, re-reading the questions and starting over...

On paper it looks like it should be the easiest one on the module.

So, things to think about:

  • Am I overdoing and overcomplicating things?
  • Am I setting my expectations too high?
  • Am I just being silly?!
  • Was it just 'one of those things'?
  • It is worth examining the way I'm approaching things and re-evaluating my method of working?

Hmm. The last one's having some resonance. That said, the final judgement is to be made when the marks come in.

I wonder if sending my tutor a Christmas card will help...

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ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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There are no rules.

I've written assignments pissed and got distinctions, sober and... less than that.  Then I've worked hard and got distinctions and ruined overall grades by getting pissed.  Someone should write about the ins and outs of grading.  It's another world...

Design Museum

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I always fret and like you invariably feel I have over done it, with one exception, sparked by an extraordinary job interview (with Getty Images) I felt inspired to rewrite my ECA or EMA and submitted this piece of passion that just scraped a pass sad. Intent on getting a distinction in the first module I put in the hours and some but could never see the wood for the trees and frankly sank under the weight of information, and still only achieved 60s and a 70. Te last module I was more strategic, aiming to give tutors what they wanted in a way they would find easy to Mark. 81, 83, 71 and an EMA of 65 (they are always 10-20% down on TMAs). Sadly I feel these assignments lack something; they aren't inspired, they're just essays aimed at picking up marks.

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Jonathon You put it so perfectly!! It does seem that often students have to make the choice between writing with passion, and putting things together in a novel but informed way that results in more original work that surely doesn't bore the marker as much, versus, writing assignments with gaining marks in mind!! I have got better at this but I feel it's a shame and that markers must be bored to the point of tears!! James, You are right, you can't really tell until you get your mark back. And Rosie's right too, my last assignment got 89 and I had spent less than a quarter of the time that I usually spend on assignments. Sometimes you can over work assignments but sometimes over working it can indeed pay off. I think we all need to learn not to get too hung up on individual assignments though, and remember to keep in mind the bigger picture. Good luck anyway smile

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To add balance I should say that I really over worked my last ema, I went over it with a fine tooth comb and actually it did pay off. smile