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Edited by Cathy Winsor, Sunday, 13 Nov 2011, 11:43

I have been given a blog. All I have to do is type into this box, that seems a lot easier than all those other means of blogging. So what do I write? I will start with today. That's easy, I don't have to express an opinion or be knowledgable about anything in particular. Today was in fact a full and busy day so filling this box won't be a problem. Having fed cats and myself Philip and I planned tasks as we stood in the kitchen as he stirred his porridge. A good day to do an outdoor task as the carpenter was inside putting in new windows. We'd bought fifteen new hedging plants yesterday, they just needed to fill a gap, the last 20m towards the gate. Philip would do the holes and I the planting. Whilst gathering tools in the garage Etienne came by, he'd been out hunting yesterday and had a spare gibier..which turned out to be a pheasant. and yes we would like one. I gave him a bag of butternut squashes, aubergines etc in return. In fact he also gave us lots of confiture, so my offering ddn't really match his, but we'll make it up somehow. He came over and advised on the position of the holes. Digging holes right next to the cypresses proved difficult and we did as he suggested and realigned them. I have three holes still to fill so will go back to the garden shop tomorrow. Monday closing is very annoying.

Soup for lunch, we ate inside as the carpenter was sitting at the table on the terrace. Then back to work. In fact I got a bit waylaid after lunch, There is always a mind bending killer sudoku on Mondays, so that was 2 hours wasted. compensated by doing a couple of unpleasant chores, emptying the kitchen compost bin into the outside one, a very smelly task as goo had accumulated in the kitchen bin. Philip meanwhile plucked the pheasant after googling the method. Glad he did that outside, it looked a bit messy. By that time we thought it a good idea idea to go for a walk to get out of the carpenters way. Once back the carpenter broke the news that a window would have to come out again as the sill was preventing the shutters closing. Lucky he discovered that before he left. The joy of double glazed windows, we will no longer feel the wind around the rotten frames or watch the rain dripping down the inside walls.

I have lit our first fire, with difficulty..I had forgotten which way the lever should go to allow an updraft, it was only after the third fire lighter I realised it was closed up.

Pheasant for supper. I am not sure if I would be able to distinguish it from chicken in a blind tasting but it was very nice, with chesnuts and mushrooms.

Off to clean up the kitchen before my second glass of wine. Philip has just told me he can't eat any more eggs as they cause prostrate cancer.


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What happened to the porridge, you can't introduce a character and then just leave them, never to be returned to.

other than that, quite the rip roaring adventure of a day smile