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Edited by Cathy Winsor, Sunday, 13 Nov 2011, 11:44
Well I have to keep going with this blog now I've started and we are all meant to be getting practice at this sort of thing. This morning was devoted to catching up with domestic tasks. In a 1800s wattle/ daub/ stone house, which is crumbling in places, it involves more than a whip round with the vacuum cleaner. The ancient oak floor boards need special treatment, an application of a   heated linseed oil & turpentine mixture. Always a bit scary with a pan of inflamable substances on the hob, timing is crucial. What I didn't realise is that the team of carpenters had yet to finish off all the windows, they arrived in the afternoon and tramped around with their dusty boots, so I might have to do it all again. Those chaps worked so hard, every window a diffferent size, so there was endless sanding to get the new double glazed windows to fit  into the old frames. Their task wasn't made any easier as half way through the afternoon we had an amazing hail storm, accompanied by lightning and peals of thunder. The farmers need the rainfall, so no one was complaining. I positioned the buckets carefully in the loft, not entirely sure why the new roof and velux window are leaking. While the carpenters were adjusting and sanding in every room I planted the remaining hedging plants and Philip pruned the roses..we both felt we should appear to be seriously industrious while the carpenters were working. We shook hands when they left, in fact here in France one greets the builder every day on arrival with a handshake, likewise when they go. We addded a British touch which confused them initially..a cup of tea/ coffee at intervals. They bring their own lunch and battery powered microwave, always eaten sat at a table. Nobody eats on the hoof here, it would be deemed very uncivilised.
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