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28th October

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Edited by Cathy Winsor, Sunday, 13 Nov 2011, 11:55

With the rain we have had over the last few days the lawn is changing from a dusty brown to a lush green and all the shrubs and trees that haven't yet lost their leaves are a beautiful array of autumnal colours. I love autumn. We drove to our nearest big town this morning to buy a few diy bits and pieces and the route took us along roads lined with plane trees, the leaves a glorious yellow, in fact you could look across the hills in the distance and pick out the yellow lines marking the roads. It will be such a tragedy if they all succumb to the disease that has hit the plane trees further south.

Our six kitten-cats have moved indoors and sleep most of the day, apart from the odd sortie to find a mouse. They started life as feral kittens and were meant to be outside cats, but now we have installed a cat door they have become rapidly domesticated. If we hear a cat coming in it we have to rush to check it is not carrying a live mouse as they tend to lose them under the sofas, the base of which are at mouse height and inaccessible to cats.

Our builder has just come by and dropped off seven metres of flue pipes, we have to paint them black before he installs them in the barn. The flues will go from the wood burner through the ceiling. It will be another small dwelling for relatives, or for us if we have another cold winter.

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