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Edited by Cathy Winsor, Sunday, 13 Nov 2011, 11:50

We climbed a mountain today, Philip is always happiest climbing mountains, I try and negotiate the ascent, more than a thousand metres I find a bit exhausting but he always lies or fails to mention there are a few ups and downs before we get to the peak. Today we started out from a car park beyond Luchon and headed up to the col de Pinata. It was so beautiful with the autumn colours, the first hour was walking up through a beech forest and the shades of yellow and orange this year are stunning. There was no one on our trail, everyone else turned off for Lac vert, which is where the sign posts encourage everyone to go, but really the ascent up to col Pinata and then the walk along the ridge is far more impressive. We had a picnic on Mont du Lys with 360 degree views across the Pyrenees. Philip always prepares the picnic, a fresh baguette sandwich, gentle encouragement to persuade me to spend a day in the mountains. We did have a few anxious moments, I think the route down the mountain is only used by livestock in the summer, and cows are not entirely rational in choosing their trajectory. It was a relief when we finally found the right path down, always more interesting than going up and down on the same way.

A bit of a panic when we got back, dogs and cars whizzing everywhere, the neighbours Dalmatian had escaped the garden, while in season, and had chased the unneutered Pyrenean mountain dog belonging to the other neighbour, The damage already done, and the vet is closed tomorrow as it is a public holiday in France.(All saints day, when all the cemeteries are a hive of activity and glorious colour as flowers are laid on every grave.) I didn't realise morning after pills existed for dogs. Rather sad, I find the thought of  Dalmatian cross Pyrenean mountain dog puppies quite intriguing.

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