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15th November

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The builder came this morning, straight from his dying father in Ariege, and has promised to start work tomorrow, installing the wood burner in the barn. A trip to the recycling bins and I called in on Fatima to return the empty egg boxes and admire her chickens. After lunch we walked the circuit then Philip finally finished sanding the new plaster around the last few windows, so every surface in the house was uniformly coated with a film of white powder. Just the painting to do now, which is a relatively clean process, so I did some vacuuming and mopping. It was well timed as our neighbour dropped by with the commune municipal bulletin and came into the recently vacuumed hallway. The bulletin is interesting reading, it gives a breakdown of everything spent in the commune on trees and planting, parking , upkeep of the mairie etc and a list of forthcoming activities. I said I’d be happy to organise a table of bridge players for the games evening but now see it starts at 9pm, I might find it difficult to stay awake, but have committed now.

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