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28th November

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Edited by Cathy Winsor, Monday, 28 Nov 2011, 18:55

I did some OU work this morning, the problem sitting still is that despite many layers of clothes, it gets cold, even with a log fire burning. I feel happy I have done the Tma, it still needs a bit of refining, the hardest thing was reducing the number of words to 500 to avoid being penalised. The sun came out this afternoon, rather than blow and rake the leaves off the lawn I got out the grass cutting machine, mowing the lawn is my favourite gardening job, driving up and down and working out the best route to cut the lawn, the turning circle means it is more complicated than simply driving up and down in straight lines. I also get to discover lots of interesting and often colourful mushrooms to identify.

I took down the polytunnel. After doing some research I found there really isn’t much use for it over the winter, things need more daylight hours to grow, I have left it too late for this year and there is a risk of it blowing away if we have another tempest. I don’t think any number of large rocks would hold it down. I’ll wait until March and grow all my vegetables from seed as I did this year.

Philip sanded all the smaller beams in the kitchen; I’d thought it would take weeks. Cleaning up afterwards was a major task, not so much the dust created by sanding that settled on the floor and work surfaces, that was easily vacuumed up,  but I realised that I’d never cleaned the tops of the cupboards or the walls, the dust clung to the grease and settled on all the cobwebs in the corners and on the ceiling which I hadn’t realised were there. It took hours, but now I am so pleased with the new look, even before the beams have been painted, just getting the brown gloss off the woodwork and having clean cupboards and walls has made a huge difference.

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