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29th November

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We took the van in for an overdue service this morning, which meant Philip couldn’t rush off to the mountains, despite it being a beautiful day. All the fields were white with frost and we had to get the scrapers out to get the ice off the cars. I will have to clear some space in the garage tomorrow so we can get the cars under cover, or at least the front halves. I started a new yoga class, it’s about half an hour’s drive away but at the more social time of 10am rather than 7pm, there were only four of us there, it was in a rather cold converted barn, I think the cold morning and harsh frost took everyone by surprise. The barn is part of a beautiful old mill, the owners run a b& b in the summer.  I will go again, it’s a long way, but the route through Haute Garonne goes through some pretty villages, sadly even in the prettiest of villages it is easy to get planning permission for a modern bungalow, completely out of character with the surrounding buildings and older properties fall into ruin.

Philip spent the morning painting the kitchen beams with primer, though cannot do anymore as we have reached a bit of an impasse, we cannot agree on the colour or whether to paint the huge oak beam that runs across the middle of the kitchen supported the smaller cross beams.

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