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2nd December

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I am forever telling the children to check and double check instructions when submitting a piece of work, luckily I thought I’d better take my own advice and discovered I’d only done half the OU assignment. I was thinking the second half of Tma1 was Tma2 but it wasn’t. But happily I managed to do another 500 words and pressed the submit button. I won’t reread anything; doubtlessly I’d spot some mistakes. So that was my whole day gone. I am glad it was raining. I quite enjoy being inside in cold wet weather. I am a bit worried that if it takes 8 hours to write 500 words, at that rate a novel would take several lifetimes, though maybe was no word count to worry about it would go a bit faster.  My only movement from the sofa was to put another log on the fire or make yet another cup of tea. I had a few short breaks from editing to do some more Christmas shopping for myself on line. Younger son will have a large bag of Christmas presents to bring out when he comes out in two weeks time.

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