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5th December

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The trouble with entertaining is that one feels awful the next day. So not a productive morning, but after lunch we drove the van to our favourite diy shop and had some discussion with the owner about what to use in our newly converted barn to protect the wall from the heat of the wood burning stove. In the end we just went for heat resistant plasterboard and drove home with it hanging out the back of the van. There’s a lot to spare if we get it wrong the first time. In fact Philip just cut it in half and we propped it against the wall and I lit the fire. That was 4 hours ago. We brought the thermometer in and watched the temperature rise from 11 to 18 degrees as we made up the beds and had supper. The barn is filled with smoke but we are hoping that’s because it’s a new stove and not because of the builder has done something odd with the chimney pipe. It’s quite exciting, we can think of it as going on holiday. The cats are all enjoying the change of scene, they’ve already worked out how to use the new cat flap and go up the spiral stair case to the mezzanine. The stove heats the whole barn. We can even get the internet in here. We just need to collect our toothbrushes and a few basic necessities from the main house. Now we are equipped to cope with the coldest of winters without huge electricity bills.

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Joy Sept 13

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Hi, Cathy!  We live in a barn conversion, too.  Not a recent conversion and not one we did ourselves, however.  This year we had a multi fuel burner installed and it is brilliant.  It's an 8kw stove, so pretty big and it uses a lot of logs but we love it.  The first time it was lit it did smoke a bit but not any more.  It does a good job of heating the place and as it is in a central hall the heat does spread around.   Now the weather has got colder we do also have some of the central heating radiators on but only low.  Hope you enjoy your wood burner and good luck with your barn. 
Cathy Winsor

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Thanks Jo, the smoke has cleared now, we are thrilled to bits with the burner, 15kw, it stayed in all night and I just had to move a lever to get it burning again. As you say, positioning is everything, it's central to the barn. Luckily we have trees and branches falling down on a regular basis in the garden, Philip just gets out there with his chainsaw.