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7th December

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For some reason I thought it was Thursday and drove off to collect a neighbour on the way. In fact she was still in her dressing gown, and pointed out it was Wednesday, so I just stopped for coffee. I think it’s the lack of sleep; the cats knocked over the large piece of kitchen worktop wood blocking the cat flap last night and came in to find a warm duvet to sleep on. In fact one or two cats would be manageable but there were five of them.  Anyway I didn’t mind reverting to a Wednesday routine, I drove on to the market, and dropped in to see a friend in the local estate agency to catch up on who is buying and selling. Like us she enjoys cats but over the last two years 8 of hers have disappeared in mysterious circumstances. Then last week she came across one of the disappeared on the outskirts of the village, blinded in one eye and with raw shot gun wounds. They’d had her x-rayed and treated at the vet, she showed me the x-ray, the cat’s head was full of lead shot.  Her story is quite disturbing and of course has affected how they feel about their village and the local hunt. The gendarmerie tried to persuade them not to file a complaint, but they did anyway and have written to the president of their chasse. I am glad we don’t have a yob element in our local chasse, I met most of them at the chasse dinner last month and they didn’t like the sort of people who would shoot pet cats.

I went to the yoga class in the evening. There had been some awful accident on the valley road and it had been blocked off, there were dozens of blue lights flashing in the darkness, a fleet of fire engines and ambulances and a line of cars backing up to the junction. A couple of ambulances passed me at high speed when I did a detour through the village. I’ll find out tomorrow what happened, people always drive so fast along that road, it is unlit and not quite wide enough for two cars.

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