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9th December

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We did some more organising of the barn, to avoid having to pad backwards and forwards to the main house in the middle of the night. In fact we decided it was sensible to have two of everything, like tea, coffee and milk, bread, butter. We have a small fridge this side, so it is still quite eco. Philip finished wiring the new lights in the kitchen in the main house. Having a well lit kitchen is wonderful, by painting the ceiling and adding a few more lights; we can now identify foodstuffs on the shelves without having to wander over to a light to read the label. I was busy on my sewing machine all afternoon rehashing an ikea room divider with some Indian fabric; it looks very good, and can be used in various places to shield lights, useful for an open plan existence. Etienne’s dog ran into the garden and I went out to see him, we chatted by the gate and asked him about the accident on Wednesday evening, it was only one car, they brought out a fleet of fire engines on standby as there was petrol on the road. It was an elderly couple, the driver had been blinded by the evening sun and gone off the road but neither were seriously injured. Further up the road last week there had been another incident, a speeding driver knocked down and killed six goats and injured a border collie belonging to the shepherd who lives in the valley, he was herding them along  the road at night, as he does every evening, we always hear the bells. The poor chap doesn’t have much luck, another farmer shot one of his dogs a few weeks ago for attacking sheep. It seems collies do that if left unattended and very hungry. Etienne also asked me what I was doing for a living now as I was so often at home. I guiltily told a white lie, and said that I was still doing some estate agency work, but the market was very quiet. It is difficult to tell someone who is busy all day every day that you don't work for a living.

We were amazed to see the conservatory man, he arrived at about 7pm with a van load of conservatory pieces. It was so exciting, we helped him unload them onto the concrete foundation, and he’s told us he’ll be back next week to assemble it. I wonder. It would be wonderful if it was in place for Christmas, with ten house guests they’ll be able to spread around and keep warm.

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