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14th December

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I had a wasted trip to the market, the Irish soda bread stall wasn’t there and the agency office was closed so I couldn’t stop for a gossip. I was looking for some fabric to make some pyjama bottoms for our daughter but on the fabric stall it all seemed to be rolls of polyester and plastic tablecloths. I saw our elderly neighbour Jeanneau who told me about Claude’s tree planting project, I noticed he’d planted more fruit trees and dug a row of holes in readiness for a few more. Back home I hunted round for some good pyjama material and found a new duvet cover which looked suitable. There’s no room for a big table in the barn, so I cut them out on the coffee table, then sewed them together encumbered by a cat on my lap, it seems he loves the sound of the sewing machine. I was quite pleased with the results, there’s enough material in a duvet cover for 3 pairs, I’ll wrap them up and put them under the tree.

There were ten of us doing yoga in the evening.  I always try and get there early, when people arrive they are obliged to greet everyone in the room with a kiss on each cheek, so by 7pm there is a circle of pupils standing on the end of their mats waiting to start and  the new arrival has to do a complete circuit of the room.

We are thinking we might need to get a dishwasher for the barn, currently we carry all dirty dishes in a laundry basket to the main house and use the dishwasher there, and then find that we’ve run out of plates etc on this side, annoying if I want a cup of tea in the middle of the night and it’s pouring with rain.

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