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15th December

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Edited by Cathy Winsor, Friday, 16 Dec 2011, 07:00

The French teacher was in a better mood this morning; she did say she’d tried to sack two of her pupils for not doing their homework, so thankfully we must be making more progress than them. It does seem that anyone that chats to their French neighbours and gets at least a little involved with the local community learns to speak French by process of assimilation, but quite slowly.

I have been getting lots of emails from our friends in Nigeria wishing us ‘compliments of the season’ and referring to me as Ma or Mummy, so I spent some time sending money to them all via Western Union, little bits of money go such a long way in any third world country. Even to hopeless Alghabass in Senegal, who has had a succession of ‘mishaps’; funerals, being robbed, losing things, getting run over, falling off a motorbike taxi. I’m never quite sure if he’s telling the truth.

Philip spent the morning in the kitchen making mango chutney and trying to persuade it to solidify a bit; it’s not just me that has culinary problems. Once it was in jars we walked the circuit, it was such a clear day we could see all the mountain peaks, even now they don’t have much snow on them, it’s very hard for all those people in the business. One centimetre in the resort at Piau Engaly. There was nearly a metre this time last year.

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