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16th December

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The weather was so odd this morning, there was a warm breeze blowing and when I drove back from yoga I noticed the temperature outside was 22 degrees. There was a darkening sky and strong wind tossing leaves and branches across the lanes which I had to swerve to avoid. After a while I managed to get behind a truck which flattened all the debris on the road ahead of me. It was very eerie. Back home I checked the weather forecast, it seemed that half of France was on a weather alert, many homes without power and we were just on the fringes of the gales. We ate lunch on the terrace, watching the huge trees in the garden bending in the wind and the leaves swirling across the lawn. There will be lots of tidying up to do, but none of the trees came down, not even a long dead sycamore, we were rather hoping it would, so we don’t have to pay a tree surgeon to chop it down. We moved back to the main house in the afternoon, I took advantage of the warm wind to open all the windows to warm up the house, now there are leaves carpeting the hallways. The cats are getting a bit confused about where to find us.

A trip to the garden centre in the afternoon, all their trees and plants had fallen over, but they didn’t seem too worried, I left a paraffin stove to keep the stall holders warm for their charity do tomorrow, then made another 70 odd mince pies in the evening, they look slightly better than the first batch, but I’m sure if they would sell at a euro each, they want to maximise takings for the charity, but at that price they might not sell at all.

We received the results of our first bit of course module today, I was quite excited about mine until I saw a first class degree with the Open University is over 85%, so that will be forever out of reach, but I’d be very happy with a 2:1. Then again, given the marked piece is only 1% of a degree, maybe I shouldn’t be banking on that yet!

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