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17th December

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I rushed round with a vacuum cleaner and mop in anticipation of son’s arrival then went off to collect him from the airport after lunch, stopping on the way to drop off the mince pies at the garden centre. There was torrential rain as we drove back; I had to slow down to about 10kms an hour, there was a river running each side of the road. I stopped to ring Philip to check the position of the bucket in the loft, to make sure it was catching the leak, but oddly by the time we crossed into Haute Pyrenees the roads were dry. So now we are three. Great excitement unpacking son’s suitcase, it contained 2 months of Amazon orders, other than those that wouldn’t fit in. The evening’s entertainment was watching the cats attack a remote controlled mouse; it was an early Christmas present. They lost interest after a while, two of the tom cats fell asleep under the coffee table ignoring it zooming in circles around them.

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