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18th December

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Edited by Cathy Winsor, Monday, 19 Dec 2011, 07:41

Wintry weather at last, which is reassuring, it felt quite odd having summer temperatures last week. I kept the stove fed with logs and the cats enjoyed the warmth, now there’s three of us it’s harder to squeeze in between them all spread out on the sofas in the sitting room. We have a problem with the unchipped cat as she can go out but not come in through the cat door, so if we see her sitting meowing piteously on the kitchen window ledge, we have to open a window, (letting in lots of cold air and rain), then hide until she jumps down and then close it again, she is still very nervous. She’ll lie under the table until she gets beaten up by one of the more resident cats and then rush out through the cat flap.

Our son embarked on various cooking projects, there seemed to a bowl of rising dough permanently next to the stove, in the morning he made some delicious cranberry  bread,  (but I’m not sure if it went with the butternut squash soup we had for lunch), then he moved on to making Indian breads. We spent most of the day inside, enjoying having him home. The morning was cold and windy but in the afternoon there was a sunny interval between the showers and the three of us went for a walk, all getting rather muddy. Since the gales the colours have changed dramatically, the yellow and orange of the oak trees has disappeared, the trees are now all bare of leaves. Our neighbours dog slipped her chain and followed us home, hope she doesn’t get into trouble, she cowers now when we approach her, not a good sign.

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