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19th December

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Edited by Cathy Winsor, Tuesday, 20 Dec 2011, 06:36
In the morning I made up all the guest beds in readiness for New Year, sorting out winter duvets so no one freezes. I have 20 odd duvets lined up in the cupboard in stuff sacs, but no indication of the weight, so had to pull them all out , and stuff them back in if they were summer weight. I labelled all four corners this time. It was so cold, maybe not by Scottish standards (5 degrees) but I braved the temperatures to go round the garden with a wheelbarrow collecting all the fallen twigs and branches, dragging the big ones across the garden to the old pond. Like all old houses there is a big depression at the end of the garden from where the clay was taken to build the house, it’s very useful for dumping garden waste. I noticed the deer have made a huge gap in the laurel fence, on both sides of the garden so that they have a thoroughfare.  I thought laurel was poisonous; maybe they strip it down but don’t eat it. Not that I mind, as long as they don’t raid the potagere, they can happily feast on acorns in the winter and fallen fruit in the summer. The next project was digging up the Christmas tree, Philip had a go with the garden fork, but I had more success just pulling it out sideways, (and gave myself  back ache again.) I hadn’t dug much of a hole when I planted it last January, so the root ball hadn't grown. Now we have it in an old egg jar on the terrace, will decorate it tomorrow.
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