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22nd December

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Edited by Cathy Winsor, Friday, 23 Dec 2011, 09:32
Husband and son went off to Saint Lary at the crack of dawn for a day’s skiing, determined to get there when the lifts opened. I had the book club Christmas lunch so couldn’t go. Soon after they left our farmer neighbour knocked on the door and gave me a pigeon he’d just shot & to say he wouldn’t make drinks on Friday, his cows (blonde Aquitaine’s) have all got flu and one died yesterday, so not a good time. He was interested to see the progress of the conservatory and pointed out the drainage system wouldn’t work, so that will be another task for us. The lunch was a bit of a disaster, the restaurant cancelled at the last minute, then the French teacher offered to host it, cooked lots of delicious food, but as time wore on one of our number got so fed up with the left wing ranting of the of the others that she got up and left, to the accompaniment of abuse by the host. I left soon afterwards; everyone was much drunker than I was! Phew, glad to get home, I went for a walk and then did a bit more duvet drying and bed making. The boys had a good days skiing, the snow wasn’t wonderful, having melted and refrozen, but skiing is always fun. They came back laden with shopping; they’d stopped at a big supermarket on the way home and bought a chapon de pintarde (castrated guinea fowl) for Christmas lunch along with lots of other goodies not available near us.
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