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23rd December

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We’d invited 12 for aperos in the evening. Aperos is a French custom, a pre supper get together, drinks and snacks, but when we do it we provide enough snacks to negate the need for a meal afterwards. Philip & Rupert worked away in the kitchen for most of the day while I ran round cleaning up after them and shopping for forgotten items. The weather has changed again; clear skies and a wonderful view of the Pyrenees as I drove back home. Husband & son enjoy working together, and created lots of labour intensive bite sized food; smoked salmon and courgette roulade, miniature onion tarts, sausages and bacon on sticks and then foie gras on toast with homemade quince jelly. My contribution was mince pies, a Katy Stewart recipe with ground almonds in the pastry.  We all squeezed into the salon and even our new English neighbours who arrived just a couple of months ago speaking hardly any French managed to hold their own.  We caught up on all the neighbourhood goings on and felt guilty that we didn’t do this more often.

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How lovely Cathy.  All the best, Sue x