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25th December

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Everyone decided that it was quite warm enough to have breakfast and open our Christmas presents on the terrace, despite it being just two degrees with a thick frost on the ground. But the sun was coming up over the hills, filtering through the oak trees, and with several layers on it was just about warm enough to sit in the sun and have coffee and fresh croissants which Rupert brought back from the bakery. Philip arranged the presents around the Christmas tree on the terrace, each family member taking it in turns to open their presents. Everyone had been very efficient and sent the online links for their preferred gifts, but there were also a few carefully thought through surprises. By lunch time it was much warmer, 20 degrees in the sun and it was just wonderful to have Christmas lunch in the sunshine. The cooks produced a delicious meal, roast guinea fowl, with all the usual trimmings and a Christmas trifle.  We walked the circuit in the afternoon, then did lots of clearing up and had a trip to the recycling bins, wrapping presents isn’t eco friendly but they wouldn’t look quite the same under tree unwrapped. I made a start on a jigsaw while the others argued through a game of scrabble, I was called upon to invigilate every few minutes.

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That sounds like a absolutley wonderful christmas big grin