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10th January

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There was a thick frost this morning. The problem with having a wood burning stove as the sole source of heat is that once the wood has burned down the temperature drops rapidly. We have been checking out the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, I somehow thought carbon monoxide was only related to gas heaters, but apparently not, so now we open the windows when we go to bed and don’t try & keep the fire in. It’s quite invigorating climbing out of bed in temperatures not much above freezing. My task is to light the fire and Philip gets breakfast. He rushed off to the mountains first thing this morning; it was one of those clear crisp winter days when you can see for miles into the distance.  I drove off to my yoga class; the road runs south so I could watch the sun coming up over the mountains. After two hours of meditation and asanas and chatting to fellow pupils I set off home.  DHL called as I drove back. Delivery men can never find our house, so I met him at the church. It is so exciting getting parcels. This was a gadget; a Bluetooth adapter that our son assures us will change our lives. He has set up a music system in the barn that we can now operate remotely from our smart phones, so I can just press a button  for radio 4 on the screen of my phone and hey presto  it  plays through the speakers which are wedged between the butternut squashes on the ledge bellow the barn window. Technology is amazing. I even get a ping over the speakers when I get an email.

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