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16th January

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We rehomed one of our cats today. A friend was looking for a cat and as Boris regularly gets beaten up by the other 5 cats we decided to give her away. She hid under a cupboard as soon as we put her down in her new home, but hopefully will emerge soon and be thrilled to find there are no other cats to compete with. On the way home we stopped at a quarry to collect some stones. That was quite exciting; we had to weigh the van, drive to a pile of stones then throw in half a ton into the back, one by one, get weighed again and then pay…only 5 Euros! We have a damp patch at the front of the house which means bits regularly fall off the wall inside and out, so we have dug a ditch, removing a load of soil and will fill it with stones, the theory being that it is the capillary action in the soil that causes damp to permeate into the mud wall. I spent the rest of the afternoon painting the new fireproof plaster board that we had to install behind the wood burning stove, one can only buy the fireproof version in pink which doesn’t match the décor.

In between checking the latest news on the sinking of that cruise ship I’m currently reading State of Wonder by Anne Patchett for the next book club and wondering why we chose it. It seems poorly researched and the story badly constructed, maybe she was working to a deadline and didn’t have time to google things she writes about to check she had her facts right.

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