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The weather forecast was for sun all day in the mountains, and mist at home, so we felt obliged to plan a walk. I wasn’t keen to do anything scary, so we settled on a walk above Granges de Moudang. There is an easy forester’s track up to the granges (barns); it was made more interesting by huge icicles dangling from the bank and places where huge sheets of ice had formed which made walking a bit tricky. Above the hamlet of barns we came out into bright sunshine and the bluest of skies. There were several paths leading in different directions, we followed the river which was a red ribbon winding through the valley as there is so much iron in the soil which colours the rocks. We turned off to clamber up towards the to the ridge but progress was slow as we didn't bring crampons so had to constantly avoid walking and falling on ice, so we turned back at about 1800m, so didn’t get to Spain, but it was a good walk. We didn’t see a soul all day, but plenty of chamois, in their dark winter coats, eyeing us across the valley. Back home now and thinking I really must start writing my Tma.

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