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20th January

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This morning I made a 2 hour round trip to a big supermarket where I was hoping to buy coriander, garam masala, fresh green beans and things that aren’t available locally. It turned out to be an abortive journey as they didn’t have any of those items. Philip was going to cook a biryani but we will have to decide on an alternative menu to feed guests who are coming for supper tomorrow.

In the afternoon I finally broke the barrier and got down to writing the Tma, after a couple of hours typing away on my laptop I realised that the problem was going to be reducing the number of words to 1500 and still have a storyline. So I have lots of work to do. I took a break to clean the interior of the van & mini, in anticipation of my son’s in laws arriving next week to have a look round the area and help plan the wedding. They'll probably be wearing smart city clothes and both vehicles had accumulated dried mud on the seats and floors from our outdoor activities and transporting things, so I spent hours trying to vacuum it all up. After miraculously keeping the van unblemished in three years of use Philip has managed to put a dent (reversing into the lawn mower) and scrape (trying to get past the conservatory peoples’ van and leaving van paint on the wrought iron gate) within two days. I'm glad it wasn't me, at least now I can feel more relaxed about parking in awkward places. No sign of the conservatory people despite a warm dry afternoon.

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