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22nd January

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I spent most of yesterday writing my Tma while Philip was busy in the kitchen, emerging only before the guests came to rush round with a vacuum cleaner, light the fires and lay the table. Philip excelled himself with the Indian meal he prepared and thankfully the guests left before midnight, I was tired, writing all day is exhausting. Today after another four hours of rewriting and cutting bits out to reduce the number of words I pressed the submit button and will try hard not to look at it again in case I see some major error. So two weeks to wait to find out how I’ve done and I have already signed up for another course, ‘making sense of the arts’ which sounds good.

To celebrate handing in my Tma we went for a walk along by the aqueduct and met our neighbour taking his chasse dogs out for a walk in the woods. They spend most of the time in a pen in the garden. I did ask if they ever went in the house and he looked quite disgusted at the thought of it.

The problem with the chosen route is that it was exceedingly muddy. I felt rather sad after the hours spent cleaning the mini. We did remove our shoes when we got back to the car & I tried to hold our shoes by the laces for the return journey home but my arm soon tired and I had to put them down.

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