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24th January

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Only two of us at yoga this morning, people soon fall by the wayside. I must admit it isn’t the best yoga class I’ve been to as I always seem to come home with backache, the teacher seems very keen on leg raises. Perhaps I should just give them a miss and do the easy bits. I went to friends house afterwards to try and show her how to do useful things on an old laptop I have given her, like listen to the radio, ebay, skype etc. though I don’t know if she will. I thought Borisse might recognise me but he just hid. Poor little kitten still doesn’t seem very settled. The afternoon was spent doing housework and making up the last of the eight beds for visitors. I realised the shower was blocked which wouldn’t impress son’s in-laws and spent ages trying to get the wire drain unblocker down, but there was an awkward bend in the pipe. Eventually I managed to sort of unblock it with some thick electrical cable, but I think there is still a problem. In fact everything drains slowly since we installed the new septic tank so there is probably a plumbing problem but we are in denial. I’ll wait till the summer and get our local friendly retired plumber to look at it.

Philip has prepared two meals for 10, now in the freezer, so we are prepared enough for the visitors arrival to have a day in the mountains tomorrow, sun forecast all day.

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