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30th January

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Edited by Cathy Winsor, Monday, 30 Jan 2012, 20:32
I’m recovering from a busy weekend with my son's prospective in laws, fiancée, friends etc. I had never really considered what organising a wedding involved. When we had ours 30 years ago it was all quite simple, booked the church, hired a dress, booked a hotel for lunch and we all went down to the beach for a swim after the reception. Now it has become a whole industry, though perhaps less so in France. We had a whistle stop tour, first meeting the vicar.in the Ikea restaurant, my suggestion, I was a bit worried it might be a bit un-vicarish but he thought it an entirely appropriate venue for the pre wedding talk, then the florist, the patisserie, the taxi company, the B & B’s, the church. The next day the ten of us repeated the walk we did on Wednesday, deemed suitable for all, Philip brought the picnic and those who hadn’t seen the Pyrenees before were suitably impressed. We were followed by two friendly dogs on the way back, then scarily they ran after the cars for a couple of kilometres, I do hope they didn’t get run over. On the Sunday we stopped at our favourite restaurant in Samatan on the way back to the airport. It occurred to me they might do the catering for the wedding, so we had a chat with the chef and he’s going to send us some menus. The conservatory men arrived and have made good progress, fortified by cups of coffee and slices of chocolate cake Ben’s fiancée made yesterday. They did point out that we wouldn’t be open to open the side doors fully if we were installing a cat flap; sadly we haven’t been able to find a slim line one on the internet. I did several loads of washing including 10 sets of bedding, while Philip spent the day skiing as there was a 60cm dump of snow last night. Now we are filling in our census forms. In France they do different areas each year, with every household filling in a census every 5 years. I’m not sure how that works if people move home regularly.
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