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8th March

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I felt a bit panicked this week, realising I have   not done enough studying of the y180 module. I did make a concerted effort to catch up, but it’s not easy. I don’t think my tutor was impressed in our first telephone tutorial, made even more stressful as the phone connection kept disappearing. Wedding preparations are looming, even though it’s months away. The bunting project involved a trip to Toulouse. I spent ages lining up different rolls of fabric, choosing tones of blue and yellow, the bride’s requested colour scheme, in the end just chose some half price heavy duty plain cotton which should be good in strong winds. The caterer came back with lots of expensive looking options, will just have to bite the bullet and choose one of them. The wiring in the conservatory is progressing; we need to get it done before we tile the floor. Getting the right bits and pieces always involves along drive, we are forever lamenting the absence of a Tool Station.  We have yet to fill the gaps between conservatory and house wall and are hoping the ventilating fan in the roof will reduce the damp problem on the wall of the house which is crumbling at an alarming rate since we enclosed it with the conservatory, or maybe it was crumbing before and I just hadn’t noticed behind the lavender plants. Like all old houses, there is no foundation, so the damp rises up from the clay beneath. We are off on holiday this weekend, a week in Istanbul with our daughter, so excited about it, though a bit disconcerted to see the weather Istanbul is still wintry and rain is forecast, but that might change. A kind neighbour is coming in to feed the cats in our absence, so I have to do lots of housework to create a good impression, I think their house is always clean and tidy. Unfortunately I was caught on the hop when he came over to meet the cats yesterday, so I tried to have the cat conversation outside.

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