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22nd April

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It took the whole day to write an essay plan for the next Tma, the problem with working on a laptop is that with a press of a key I can check the news... and it was exciting day here in France with the first round of the presidential elections. The locals were out in force even at 10am this morning and they all seemed to converge at the bakery in the square afterwards so I had to queue for 10 minutes to buy a pain figue and a pain complet and tried to listen & translate the election chatter and gossip while waiting.

There wasn’t much excitement this week; activity was curtailed by heavy rain. As usual we had lunch with friends on Thursday, I spent half an hour on their phone fielding demands from someone who insisted they had ordered three cases of Chateau Margaux and owed hundreds of euros. It turned out when they got their friendly mayor on to them that it was a scam. The tiles for the conservatory arrived and as the truck couldn’t get through the gate they all had to be carried round to the back of the house, 3 pallets, so that was hard work. In fact my OU study method today was to spend a few minutes planning the essay, and then move a few tiles, followed by a bit of weeding then more work on the essay, which is probably why I have only managed to do the 200 word essay plan.

It was a bit warmer today and we actually had a few extended sunny periods, wonderful after days of rain. The warmer weather still isn’t enough to persuade the blue lace flower and lisianthus seedlings to germinate so I have ordered 2 heated seed propagators to speed things up.

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